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All eyes on Jess T. – The body positive advocate & fashion reporter at @IHeartMyBody
Meet Maddy
Madeline Figueroa-Jones, owner and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, has been a fierce champion of the body positive and body acceptance movements for over ten years. Through her inspirational magazine, she represents all bodies with stunning editorial content and insightful conversations. It is our honor to celebrate Maddy on Gwynnie Bee this month as our Featured Influencer.

Stay tuned to this page throughout the month! Maddy will be sharing her favorite GB pieces, answering all of your questions about careers, motherhood, sisterhood and body positivity, and discovering fun new styles in true Gwynnie Bee fashion.

Gwynnie Bee Team
And…go! Maddy answers our fun rapid-fire questions.
1. What is one tip for moms balancing motherhood and work? Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. No matter how organized and how hard we try to be perfect, we will never be. All we can do is try our very best. Useful tools, use your calendar to keep your schedule aligned. Take PERSONAL DAYS throughout the year to rest your mind and your body. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We often do SO much for others but feel badly about asking for help. It really does take a village, so get on that phone and call the village! 2. While there have been major stepping stones in the plus size fashion industry, what is one change you still want to see? I would like to see more women enjoy fashion. Options for plus sized women has increased significantly in the last few years and while the younger demographic of women are open to experimenting with trends I would love to see women in their 40’s, 50’s and older do the same.
“It’s okay to be who you are. It’s okay to look the way you look.”
3. What spring trend are you most excited to try? The color BLUSH! I’m so excited to wear blush shoes, tops, dresses and tons of accessories in this color. 4. Describe your personal style in three words. Fun. Stylish. Chic. 5. If you were a superhero what would your title and super power be? Title: Heart Jones
Super power: My super power would be to lift people’s spirit when they are feeling down and fill their heart with love. 6. Favorite style season? I love SPRING! The leaves and flowers begin to bloom and spring fashion brings color and style for us to show off. OFF with the coats!
sneak peek of MADDY’S PICKS